Day 7 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 7, 2020 – Eleven Year Anniversary

What happened today that you are grateful for?

Back story: The first conversation I had with my husband was by text on Halloween night. It was 2009 and I was in Ohio visiting family. It was a Saturday night, and I was back at a hotel after kid-centric festivities. He was using the internet at Borders (if you remember that store, you’re welcome for the time warp haha) working his side gig and hoping I would answer his instant message. I had never seen his face, nor heard his voice. I had seen a picture of his face, but it was black and white. I took a leap and gave him my cell number so we could text. I was slightly worried that it was to be a plot point in the murder mystery story about my life, but data was more expensive than texts, and text was faster than instant messaging services on a website — that were not really all that instant. Plus, I was intrigued and didn’t really have a lot going on once the kids were in bed.

We chatted well past midnight and made a date for the following Saturday. We talked through the coming week and I liked this person who was taking up residence in my phone. That said, I never thought it would amount to much of anything. Up to that point, I had not had much luck in love or dating at all. I was more interested in having fun in a new city that was bigger than my own. For the fresh air and perspective. For the distraction from my annoying and busy day life.

It was an unseasonably warm night, much like this weekend. I wasn’t actually sure who I was going to meet, but I’d hoped my intuition would fill me in. I got lost in the parking garage and walked right by him twice. The first pass was an honest miss. The second was a fly by to figure out if I wanted to go through with it. But before I could decide to stick it out or fly forever, he spotted me & excitedly waved me down. What followed was the most exciting night of my life, up to that point. I wrote the following status message once I got home. Apparently he couldn’t sleep either, because we texted until the sun came up the next morning.

Today: What am I grateful for? Today he surprised me by taking the day off so that we could spend time together and enjoy a beautiful “summer” day (in November). I’m grateful for his ability to keep my on my toes, all these years later. I’m grateful for his presence in my life. And I’m grateful for the annual reminders from social media, that I once almost missed out on the grandest adventure. 💜💜

Author: Katness Harriet

▪Writer ▪ Foodie ▪ Traveler ▪ Gap Mum ▪Seeker ▪ Hopeful Human ▪ [she/her/Mx] ▪🌈

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