Day 14 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 14, 2020

What do you like about where you live?

I’ve always been a “home is where your feet are” sort of person. Not non-sentimental, but just happy to be where it’s dry, warm & welcoming. However, we bought our first home this year and the idea of becoming settled is starting to sink in a bit more every day.

We had a lot of potential options when we were looking at houses. Initially, we were going to buy the house we were renting. It was in a very small but vibrant neighborhood, close to work, church and activities, and we loved the amenities of the area. But the purchase fell through, and rather than continue to rent, we decided to expand our search.

Both of our families are about an hour away, in opposite directions. Moving to either one of them would’ve been nice but would’ve required sacrificing the life we spent three years building in this town. We looked at a dozen areas around the town we were in, but most were too rural to be worth uprooting, and still far from family.

Ultimately, we decided to move about three miles away from our rental neighborhood. We couldn’t deny that we loved this town. My husband and I had both spent large chunks of our adult lives living in cities, so even though we both were raised in rural areas – country farm life for him, small town America for me – it had been a leap of faith to relocated to this town when we did.

This is the best mix for us. It is definitely rural, but we have a “small town” downtown with a sprinkle of restaurants, a beautiful library, a coffee shop, diner, parks for the baby to play at, and even a grocery store. Everyone is friendly when you run into them, but they leave you to live your life.

Additionally, this area is beyond compare. We are surrounded by beautiful hills and landscape, large bodies of water, hiking, trails, state parks, and wonderful people to share it with. Or, not.

Author: Katness Harriet

▪Writer ▪ Foodie ▪ Traveler ▪ Gap Mum ▪Seeker ▪ Hopeful Human ▪ [she/her/Mx] ▪🌈

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