Day 17 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 17, 2020

What do you love about a friend?

Let’s start this off by assuming that it means “…a specific friend” and not, for the sake of argument, “…about having a friend” or similar.

Friendship is a funny relationship when you really think about it. We meet these people randomly, and just…choose…each other. Like kittens in a window. Sometimes they stay in our lives for decades. Sometimes they leave after a much shorter period of time. I’ve always tried to experience my relationships as blessed encounters that are not the work of chance. In that respect, I think we exist to enlighten each other.

My current bullet list of offline friends is exceptionally small, as is the reality of midlife living. And I’ve found over the last handful of years that the idea of a “Best Friend” doesn’t really exist for me anymore. I do however have a varied collection of people who check different boxes for me.

To answer the question: I love the friends who can love me as I am, and who let me love them as they are.

Author: Katness Harriet

▪Writer ▪ Foodie ▪ Traveler ▪ Gap Mum ▪Seeker ▪ Hopeful Human ▪ [she/her/Mx] ▪🌈

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