Day 18 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 18, 2020

What spiritual gifts are you grateful for?

I had to do some digging into my feels for this one. I’ll say this, I was expecting to be talking about clairvoyance or empaths, and instead was told by an internet quiz that I have apostleship. Naturally, I have no idea how that works. And frankly in all my many decades in and out of the Church, I had never before heard that phrase.

I had heard of The Apostles, obviously. We have a whole creed dedicated to that. But it had always been my understanding that those people were a distinct group of humans. They were a separate unit and we were just affirming their work by reciting the creed. Apparently, I have been living in a misunderstanding.

Many days, I have no idea where this path is leading me. Somedays I truly hope to be heading in a particular direction, even while now understanding that I am not actually in control. I’m still pondering this “gift” and what to do about it. For further information, you can check TM UMC’s website. Their definition is seen below.

I did a fair bit of meditation and internet research on this topic, and after some time in it, I agree. I am probably a good example of Apostleship. This missionary mindset has always been with me. However since my readmittance to Christianity and the new home I found in The Episcopal Church, my understanding has allowed me to speak more freely and energetically about the power of transformation.