Day 9 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 9, 2020

What challenge are you grateful for?

I currently have two challenges standing in the way of a giant, pressing goal.

The primary challenge is the lesser of the two. I have a young toddler, and the inability to work outside the home because of that reality. While this is definitely a challenge, it is one I am grateful for. I realize this chapter of my life is merely a bridge, and I attempt to soak in all the bounty and glory of it every single day.

The bigger of my two challenges is my neurodivergent brain, and the doors it has shut in my life.

I’m still working out how to outsmart the former. We’ll get there eventually.

Day 2 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 2, 2020

Thank Three People for Something They Did

While it’s true I was taught by my grandmother how to knit as a child, I’ve only been knitting for real for about a year. I could occasionally figure out how to cast on over the years, but then I’d have needles sit with that row prime for a half decade or more before I’d slide the stitches off, defeated. I finally figured it out when I was invited to Knit Night & was patiently & excitedly taught — once & for all! — how to knit, and finish a project, by my three caballeras of Christ Church Willard: Lesley, Lori & Sue. 

But much more than teaching me how to put my anxiety into something useful, you each taught me various truths about womanhood, motherhood, love in practice, perseverance, servant leadership, farming, patience, joy, sorrow, and how to live a humbly Christ-like existence. Thank you for the ears, the guidance, and the laughs. I am grateful for you.