Day 3 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 3, 2020

What is something that is different today from a year ago that you are grateful for?

When I ponder the changes my life has morphed through over the last few years, I am consistently taken aback by how naive I used to be. I was so sure that I had control over my outcome, and that very little outside of myself would affect my outcome – good or bad. If you had asked me a year ago what I thought today would look like, this is not it.

A year ago, we had no intentions of buying property. I had not yet written a novel – even if only a complete rough draft. I was not sure how much longer I would be able stay married. My baby was not yet walking, nor had any teeth. My cat hadn’t returned after 14 months lost in the wild. I still had hopes of returning to nursing school. I never could have imagined that I would be knitting so consistently by now. I didn’t have any children who had graduated high school, twelve months ago. I was afraid of the world, and a United States where hate trumps everything good. I had joked about a “zombipocalypse” for years, but I never actually imagined that a pandemic would shut down our lives for real.

When I try to imagine “one thing” that is different and for which I am grateful, I just cannot. The best answer is – everything is different. From the outside, that probably seems like a copout. It’s not. Every little piece of my life is so amazingly different than it was twelve short/long months ago. And I am grateful for all the valleys and peaks, and the ability to take naps when it all gets too heavy.

30 Days of Gratitude

November 1, 2020

This year has been so beautifully weird. I figured I’d jump on the gratitude wagon. 🤗 Honestly, November is so insanely busy with work & NaNoWriMo that I’m not sure how consistent I will realistically be able to stay. We’ll get through somehow. Day One’s challenge was to start a gratitude journal. I will be using social media & my blog as my “journal” during this practice. ✔😉

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