Day 16 – 30 Days of Gratitude

November 16, 2020

What family member are you grateful for today?

Mondays are a special day for us. Most people are starting their work week. We are ending ours. There is always a bit of a rushed feeling – tying up loose ends so that we can have the “weekend” fully “off” the clock. I don’t usually run errands on Mondays, but today we did out of necessity.

Today we broke with routine and bundled up to grab groceries and supplies. In our now-life, this is something of a legitimate trek. While we have a grocery store very conveniently in town, it is not the most budget friendly nor the widest selection. The closest shopping that can be done in as few stops as necessary, is a thirty minute drive away. And with a baby, it is definitely ideal to minimize the number of interactions with the buckling process. The less we have to fuss with the carseat, the happier we all are in the end.

Ultimately, I ended up having to make three stops. If you’re counting, that’s eight times of touching the carseat. And everytime she is removed from the carseat, she wants it to be the last time for that day. She never cares that we are 20 miles from home, nor does she understand that the quicker we leave, the quicker she gains freedom. If you have children, you probably know what I mean. If you don’t, imagine stuffing a cat into a carrier every 35 minutes for 3 hours.

Gracefully, she seemed to be feeling our shopping vibe and didn’t give me that much trouble. And all I had to do was bribe her with a fresh banana and some strawberries from the grocery. For that, I am exceedingly grateful for her, and for her company. My life would be pretty boring without her.