Day 6 – WIPtember 2020

Day Six – #readabookday

Today, I finished Get Over Your Damn Self, by Romi Neustadt.

It is a fairly quick read, if you’re in the self-motivation #wahm business. It was only slightly distracting how often she mentioned the perks of her company, but mostly because I was trying to figure out who it was that she works for. (*spoiler alert: they tell you at the end, in the acknowledgments) I found this book to be a little too heavy on the recruiting focus for my needs. I am in direct sales as a sales consultant for a group publishing company, but we don’t push recruiting. I listened to it on Audible and her speaking voice was grating at times. Not awful, mind you, but a little touch of “give me a break” occasionally. The tone of her writing was a tinge out of touch for the average person in spots. Overall, not a bad read. I don’t regret reading it. I just didn’t get as much out of it as I had hoped.

P.S. I guess this is an unofficial review. Take from it, what you will.